Basic Obedience Training

Dog Obedience Training: Building Bonds and Behavioral Harmony Unleashing the Power of Obedience in the Enchanting Land of Sedona, Arizona […]

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Dog Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification Dog Training: Transforming Canine Lives amidst Arizona’s Beauty Exploring Positive Change in Lake Montezuma, Arizona Introduction Behavior modification […]

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Advanced Training

Advanced Dog Training: Elevating Canine Abilities amidst Arizona’s Natural Splendor Exploring the Heights of Skill and Connection in Sedona and […]

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Boarding and Training Options

Dog Boarding During Training: A Comprehensive Approach in Arizona’s Camp Verde Elevating Canine Education and Care Amidst Arizona’s Beauty Introduction […]

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Dog Trainer in Camp Verde, Arizona

Pete Marcolina specializes in helping owners of the Verde Valley’s most difficult dogs.

With over three decades of experience working with all breeds and dogs of all sizes, Pete Marcolina has established himself as a visionary dog trainer. His ability to tame and train large breed dogs with aggressive or reactive dispositions has made Pete a highly sought-after dog trainer since 2000.

Thunder, Pete, and Wizard

Contact Pete today at (970) 946-5174, or email at peterjmarcolina at gmail dot com